Unique Pieces to Flatter and Flaunt

Unique Pieces to Flatter and Flaunt

Nothing says unique like estate jewellery. An estate sale occurs when someone passes, or when someone is looking to downsize an existing estate for a variety of reasons (such as debt, or to move into a smaller space). These sales are fun events for attendees, but they yield beautiful treasures and keepsakes you can find at dealers like Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

They are like curators, helping to sort the glitter from the duds, and giving you the opportunity to add beautiful antique engagement rings to your collections.

Learn to distinguish the different eras, including the design hallmarks manufacturers used during those time periods. Art deco pieces, for instance, are symmetrical and they tend to utilize pearls and gemstones like aquamarine or sapphire in addition to diamond settings. You can find emerald antique engagement rings in Edwardian or Victorian styles too, which are more natural in design.

What makes these pieces so unique is their distinct craftsmanship. They were made during a time when metalworking was being perfected, before mass production, when jewelers made pieces by hand. They would often leave signatures in the form of designs, or sometimes actual stamps on the metal, which make each piece significant in its own way.

Although there were rings made of similar styles, these rings typically are not the same. You could order custom jewellery in Toronto that might look like a certain piece, but the small imperfections that give the piece charm would be absent. Plus, these older pieces have history that may add value (such as who once owned them).

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