How to Clean an Antique Ring

How to Clean an Antique Ring

An antique jewellery piece can have a negative reaction to harsh chemicals and modern cleaning processes. Be sure that you take care when maintaining antiques.

Antique rings are classified as pieces that are as old as 50-100 years old. These pieces may have experienced wear over time, or maybe the previous owner didn’t take great care of them. Keeping your ring or necklace clean and shiny helps bring out the natural luster of the piece. Here are some tips to safely clean your ring without ruining the finish of the piece.


Your vintage jewellery is susceptible to extreme conditions. Age and normal wear are accelerated when the piece is pushing 50 years old. It’s important that you store your ring in small ring box with cotton lining to prevent scuffs. You should also keep the piece in a room where the temperature is not likely to fluctuate too much. You should also store your ring before you bathe, or before doing physical labor.


If you happen to notice that your stone is loose, take it immediately to the jeweler and have it reset. The fitting is one of the first areas where your ring can be damaged, so check it frequently if you don’t want to lose your stone. You should also rely on a jeweler that is familiar with the care that your ring needs. Avoid jewelers who offer to clean your ring with strong chemicals, or with an ultrasonic cleaner. You can damage the ring’s designs or loosen the settings.

Cleaning Tips

Do not excessively clean the ring or you risk damaging its luster.  If you apply too many chemicals, or clean your ring too frequently, you run the risk of damaging the enamel on the piece. Also invest in a small glass jar, which will be handy for washing a ring without losing it down the drain.

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