How Computer Screens Can Affect the Health of Your Eyes

How Computer Screens Can Affect the Health of Your Eyes

Summary: Do you work on a computer for an extended period of time? Here are some tips that could help reduce eye irritation, blurriness, and overall discomfort.

Many people spend a large number of hours staring at a computer screen every day. Now, you all know this can wreak havoc on the eyes. Choosing the right type of contact lenses can help keep your eyes feeling comfortable when you are using the computer.

How Computer Screens Can Irritate the Eyes

Computer screens can affect your eyes in a number of ways without you even knowing it. You may be suffering from things like reduced blink rate, variable vision, eye strain, tired eyes, and irritated eyes. The average person blinks once every five seconds, which comes to 11,000 times each day. However, when you’re staring at a computer screen, you’ll blink less frequently or not as fully. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that when looking at a computer screen, people are more likely to blink five times less than the average – which results in the irritation and blurry vision.

Tips to Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Aside from abandoning your computer altogether, there are other healthy tips to keep your eyes comfortable in front of the computer.

Avoid facing a window and make sure the room that you are working in is well lit. The difference in brightness between your computer and the room can cause discomfort and eye strain.

Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes. While doing so, try and focus on an object at least six feet away from the computer. You can also keep your eyes moving while looking at various objects in the distance. This helps your eyes naturally adjust and may lower the chances of irritation.

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