Hair & Style Secrets

Hair & Style Secrets

Cultivating a timeless, chic style that is all your own doesn’t just happen overnight, but instead takes a dedicated individual that has a set agenda in mind. Finding your own perfect look can take you in any direction, but one place where it always takes off is through hair and makeup advice that can set a woman apart from a crowded field.

The French ‘Do

Don’t just let the French have all the fun when it comes to fashion. Being able to rock a sexy bedhead look like the French do is one way to get away with hair that is tousled to perfection, yet perfect for any event. To achieve this look, take out he hair dryer, a few dabs of hair wax, and start feathering. There’s no better way to look messy and sexy simultaneously.

Nothing to Conceal Here

It’s not for everyone, but for those that have the character and independence to pull it off, the makeup free look is one of the newest trends that many woman are beginning to latch on to for its no-frills factor. So get rid of the primers, concealers, mascaras, blush, lipstick, and bronzers. Present a fresh pure face to the world and show everyone what lies beneath all that makeup


It’s wise to always avoid the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays when possible, and employing a self-tanner instead of worshipping the sun for hours is becoming the way to go for millions of women worldwide. Used in conjunction with a mineral powder that acts as an organic color enhancement, a self-tanning product can be used to even out your skin tone and make your skin glow without an ounce of makeup on.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a fashion blogger who shares makeup school secrets with readers. To learn more about the perfect hair and makeup routine, follow Dev Randhawa.

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