Instant Skin Solutions that Stars Demand

Instant Skin Solutions that Stars Demand

Despite the taglines we see in magazines with photos of celebs hitting the gym or carrying their toddlers to day care, celebrities are NOT like us—most of us, anyway. Different schedules, different lifestyles and way different demands, like always looking their best when they step outside because the paparazzi is waiting. They also have more money and resources to afford hardcore, expensive and fast skin care solutions like:

Stopping Zits in One Shot
When a pimple pops up right before a big event, some celebrities (and other well-heeled folks) will get what’s called an intralesional corticosteroid injection. This is a cortisone shot that basically deflates the pimple or cyst so it’s gone in 24 hours. However, this ultra-fast cure can also lead to pitting of the skin and other acne scars, so proceed with caution.

Another Zit-Zapper
This one is called dehydrating trichloracetic acid and it also works fast. But again, injecting even this FDA-approved form of acid has its side effects, so explore it in great detail with your dermatologist.

Some stars get laser treatments right before hitting the red carpet because these powerful beams of light can help remove spots or stimulate collagen production. Of course, these stars risk side effects like pain, redness, scarring, changes in skin color and more.

Skin-Tightening Combos
Older celebs who want to look young again sometimes pass on surgery and go for quicker fixes. In these cases, dermatologist can opt to combine a deep facial peel to remove fine lines, a pulsed light treatment to zap away dark spots, a microdermabrasion (a sanding away, so to speak, of the sin’s top layer) that also includes a treatment with topical skin nutrients like vitamin C, then a  bit of radio frequency therapy so that their million-dollar faces look firmer.  As you can imagine these treatments all have side effects you need to be aware of—including that of making your wallet much, much lighter.

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