Two Styles of Antique Engagement Rings You Will Adore

Two Styles of Antique Engagement Rings You Will Adore

There are many styles of antique jewellery that can be attractive to the average buyer, but certain styles are very distinct. You’ll be able to recognize, for instance, Victorian or art deco rings quite easily. These styles are much of the reason behind the popularity of vintage jewellery, and why costume jewellery is making a come back in a big way.

Art Deco

Antique engagement rings that are modeled in the art deco style have a kind of signature geometric look. Art deco was characterized by very bold shapes and well-defined line work, and it became one of the most influential styles of the 1920s and 30s.

According to Cynthia Findlay, Art Deco’s embrace of technology helps distinguish it from Art Nouveau. It’s quite easy to get the two confused if your eye isn’t trained to make the distinction. Art Nouveau, however, has an almost Victorian element to it that can help provide you some measure of a guess as to what you’re looking it. If you don’t know, the best option you have is to ask.

Costume Jewellery

In the 1930s, it was fashionable to attend grand engagements “dressed to the nines”, and that involved large costume jewellery for the women. Edwardian rings, for instance, featured a new production technique known as “milgraining”, which set a boarder of platinum beads around the edges of an engagement ring. The look was soft and elegant, but conveyed a sense of sophistication too.

Costume jewellery has made a comeback as our culture embraces the vintage style. Perhaps a dose of sentimentalism, antique jewellery helps us connect with a past most of us have no knowledge of.

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