5 Major Beauty Turnoffs for Men

5 Major Beauty Turnoffs for Men

Obviously, a woman should look good first, foremost and always for herself. And she should feel confident in her choices, no matter what others may think. With that said, makeup brands and publications do occasionally survey men as to their thoughts on what kind of cosmetics used or beauty looks work best for them. Now, you may think, “Well, what do they know, anyway?” And to an extent, you’d be right. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a look at their point of view to see if there any helpful takeaways—on the off chance they may be on to something. With that in mind, here’s what they have to say:

Too Much, Too Tan: A 2014 survey of British men by st. Ives found that 45% feel that women wear too much makeup and 33% dislike fake tans.

Pixie Cuts: Research from totalbeauty.com suggests that men associate “mom” with pixie cuts and rate them a “5” on the sexy scale.

Red Bad, So is Smoky: Online dating site Zoosk polled its male users and found that while a majority like womens’ profile pictures when they had bright red lipstick on, 57% said they don’t think red lipstick on a date is attractive. And 66% don’t find dark makeup attractive. (What? With all the effort we put into sexy, smoky eyes? What are those guys smoking?) That said, the guys in the totalbeauty survey also had issues with dark eyeshadow—they thought it hides eyes or strays into unattractive goth territory.

Sticky Lip Gloss and Cakey Foundation: A piece from Allure found that men dislike both because they can get on clothes or feel uncomfortable in the event of kissing.

Bangs: Apparently men interpret bangs as a woman being unapproachable (?) or that she has something to hide, like forehead acne (the nerve!).

Well now! Quite a list…especially for people who go around with hobbit toenails, scraggly facial hair and unibrows. Not that we’re criticizing, of course!

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