6 Telltale Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Makeup

6 Telltale Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Makeup

Foundation that looks like it stops at the neck, cheeks made up that rival Raggedy Ann’s rosy reds, the wrong mascara, rings around the lips from bad liner, and brows that look as if they were put on with a No. 2. We’ve all been victims of bad makeup moves.

  1. Showing “the line” has been around since women began wearing foundation. It’s the line found along the jawline where foundation meets your neck and, oops, your face is darker than your neck. How to fix this foundation faux pas? When checking out foundations, test three samples that range from lighter to darker. The correct one will disappear into the skin. Another tip is to always test on the side of your face between the nose and the side of the check. People have been applying foundation to the wrists. Bad move. The face is almost never the same color as the rest of your body.
  2. Ring around the lips. Forget using lip liner as an outline. Makeup artists are advising lip liner as an all over color. You can even overline to make your lips look fuller, according to the skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics.
  3. Penciled brows. Penciling in your brows is immediately noticeable if you don’t have the right technique. Start with a color that’s the same or one shade lighter than your hair color. Don’t draw a pencil line and leave it. Get the right color then create soft strokes to create the illusion of a fuller brow. Always use a brush to blend.
  4. You might think red, rosy cheeks will make you look healthy, but too much and you’ll look like a clown. The wrong color is usually the culprit. Fair skin tones should use light pinks and peach colors, pale golden or warm gold is best for medium skin tones, and dark skinned girls should find a rose color that livens up skin tone but doesn’t over power.
  5. Don’t use one mascara. Top lashes and bottom lashes have different consistencies. Use one that gives a lot of length on the top, and on the bottom, one that promises thickness and volume.

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