Shop Till You Drop in Paris

Shop Till You Drop in Paris

Written By: PhillippeDardour

There is no denying that Parisians have a great sense of style and fashion. Why else would a lot of couture brands be from Paris? They make fashion look easy and they definitely make your jaws drop when they dress up for a night out in town. A lot of people go to Paris for the sights and museums but another common reason is that they want to shop in Paris as well. The whole city of Paris is surrounded with shops that will surely bring out the shopaholic in you. We have listed down some of the best places to go to for all you divas and shoppers who wish to bring home a little bit of Paris with them. Head on down to the Paris Department Stores District by riding the Metro, Ultra or RER Auber. This is a huge place so try not to get lost in all the tossing and turning, picking out the best things for you to bring home and brag to your friends. If you are an artsy person, you will definitely love The Marals where they sell a lot of art pieces that will fit your home perfectly. If you are looking for the big names like Chanel and Dior, you can go to Avenue Montalgne and Avenue des Champs-Elysees. If you want the best quirky and vintage items you can also go to their flea markets. While you are in the are, try to look up on deals for Provence vacations so you can experience a different France!

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