4 Makeup Tricks to Hide Tired Eyes

4 Makeup Tricks to Hide Tired Eyes

Tired looking eyes is what some people tend to struggle with no matter how many hours they manage to get or how many trips to Starbucks they can make as well.

What this means is that you can easily fix this with a bit of makeup, and so here are 5 tricks to consider the next time you find yourself with tired eyes:

#1: Use Highlighter to Camouflage

Even if concealer might be considered to do the job in this regard, there are times when it might need some help. For this, adding a bit of shimmery highlighter over the concealer will get rid of the dark circles permanently.

#2: Opt for White Eye Shadow

Adding white or light cream eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes will make you look alert and awake. If you’re struggling with some serious sleeplessness, then apply color to the corner, the lid as well as slightly above the crease.

#3: Arch your Eyebrows

Take the attention away from under eye bags with arched and bold eyebrows that lift your eyes. Also, use taupe eye shadow or brow pencil to fill in the brows with light strokes. Complete this by brushing them up and out with a spoolie brush so as to make it look natural.

#4: Curl your Eyelashes

Even if this trick seems rather simple, it is often overlooked. Curling your eyelashes before mascara can make your lashes look longer, fuller, larger and much more open too. Make sure you get all the eyelashes in the tool of the root and squeeze with a light pulsing. Turn the curler upwards and do this again. Now, move the curler up from the root to the tip of the lash.

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