Makeup Artist Skills Before You Apply Makeup

Makeup Artist Skills Before You Apply Makeup

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Giving makeup services starts well before the first piece of makeup is applied to a client’s face. Professional makeup artists understand that some of the most important work they will do with a client happens before any makeup is applied at all. The best makeup artists are able to use the skills they learning in schools of makeup artistry to provide outstanding consultations and prep work to ensure that their clients end up with stunning looks.

Some of the things that artists are taught in makeup courses to do before applying any makeup include:

Assess Skin Types: No two people have the same skin types and it’s extremely important for a makeup artist to assess the individual skin type of their client before moving ahead with applying makeup. Skin types can range in skin tone and undertones along with skin moisture levels.

Bone Structure: Along with skin type, a client’s bone structure also plays a major role in determining which types of makeup will be use and how it will be applied. Makeup artists need to make sure that they are highlighting the best features on a client and working with their bone structure is a great way to do this.

Sensitivity: It’s very important for makeup artists to take the sensitivity of a client’s skin into consideration before they start applying any makeup. They need to be aware of any allergies or other sensitivities that a client might have so they can avoid using any makeup that could cause illness or rashes.


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