Toxins in Kids Clothing? Get the Facts

Toxins in Kids Clothing? Get the Facts

It might shock you to learn that so-called kids organic pajamas sometimes include toxic and harmful dyes that completely defeat the purpose of living an organic lifestyle. The goal of that lifestyle is the removal of unnecessary toxins from your body, to gain more control over your life and your health, and to live a more sustainable existence. If you’re trying to avoid toxic and harmful chemicals in your child’s clothes, read on for the facts.

Chemicals Used

One of the most common chemicals found in girls organic pajamas is formaldehyde. What is a chemical found in cigarette smoke doing in your child’s clothes? The industry says it helps prevent wrinkling, but it’s also been linked to contact dermatitis. Perfluorochemicals (or PFCs) help repel water and stains, but they also contaminate your blood stream.

The bottom line? Some of this stuff isn’t good for you, and some of it is downright bad for you. When you look at the simple facts of our convenience, you start to see buying organic less as an alternative and more as a mandate.

Organic Clothing Facts

Don’t rush to your nearest department store just yet, you should be fully aware of the supply chain your manufacturers use. Organic is more than a promise to farm sustainable, it involves using non-toxic metals and gases in the manufacturing process, knitting and sewing included. There are many opportunities for toxins to seep into your clothing, while the brand proudly sports an organic logo. This is misleading, but not entirely dishonest.

Buying organic anything is better than the alternative, that much is true. But you get the best health benefits when you understand more about a company’s supply chain. Learn more about the clothing manufacturers and farmers who make boys organic pajamas, and you’ll be able to make smarter decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

Bio: KoraVera sells girls and boys organic pajamas online, offering a truly organic alternative for healthier children’s clothing.

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