Fashion Accessories Every Woman Needs

Fashion Accessories Every Woman Needs

Every woman has tried and true jewelry that she loves to wear daily but sometimes needs to mix things up. Here are 4 popular fashion accessories you need in your jewelry box right now.


Wear a single ring if you want to keep your outfit simple and uncomplicated. Or, try wearing multiple rings or stacking them for a fashionable look. Crystals, earth minerals, as well as silver or gold are on trend. Don’t wear one on every finger, it will look overwhelming and gaudy. If you like to wear lots of rings, try spacing them apart.


Wearing a dainty pair of earrings will dress up and complement a dress on a night out. Get dangling chandelier earrings to express yourself or add a pinch of drama to any ensemble. Put on a pair of small or larger sized hoop earrings if you want to break away from studs.


Length is very important when picking out the right necklace. Low cut necklines do best with short and long length necklaces, where high cut necklines do best with longer lengths. Purchasing an elegant Virgin Mary Pendant is on trend and will look great dangling from a long or short chain.


Elegant bracelets with secure hooking are always trending. If you don’t like clasps on your wrist try wearing a cuff or bangle. Wearing vibrant and elegant Christian Jewelry can bring together work wear, casual clothes or even a little black dress.

Tip: Don’t wear everything all at once. It’s best to mix and match jewelry with each other. Try different combinations before you leave the house.

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