4 Fashion Tips for Short Girls or Women

4 Fashion Tips for Short Girls or Women

There are a number of topics that can be covered for short women considering how many do’s and don’ts there are.

While the main thing that you should keep in mind is one should be confident and stand tall, there are a number of ways by which you can create the illusion of extra height and much more.

So, here are 4 fashion tips for short girls or women:

#1: Wear a single color

If you wear a single color from top to bottom, it creates an elongated silhouette which in turn, makes you look taller. Too many colors tend to give short people a blocky appearance.

#2: Take a fancy to high heels

Most short girls know that high heels is one way to get to look taller. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a bit of a lift or just a few inches – high heels can give you that extra height. Of course, wedge shoes are a better option if you don’t find that stilettos don’t suit you.

#3: High waisted styles are worth trying

If you want to create an impression of being taller, then you must understand that it is all about proportions. This is something that is achieved when wearing high waisted skirts, shorts or pants. The reason for this optical illusion is because it makes you look like you have longer legs.

#4: Show off shorter hems if you can

If you have great legs, then mini skirts and dresses are a good choice. Provided you pick the right kind of shoes, you can look as if you have long, lean legs. Just make sure you remember to wear skirts that are short but just below the knee.

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