Take a Trip to Florence

Take a Trip to Florence

By Italia Tours

When it comes to Italy, most people think of Rome excursions when they imagine vacationing there. But that’s far from the only option and not necessarily even the one you’d enjoy the most. Instead, when you’re considering Italy, give some thought to a Florence vacation.

Florence is known the world over as being one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. Much of this is due to its old Italian architecture that still stands to this day. Of course, Florence is also home to an iconic canal system you must see to believe. Many know of these canals because of videos they’ve seen of people taking boat tours down them. If you’re trying to think of honeymoon ideas or other romantic getaways, you won’t do any better than a trip to Florence.

Of course, like all Italian cities, Florence also has plenty to offer in culture and cuisine. Florence has some of the best art in the entire world housed in its local museums. Even the Louvre doesn’t have as many rare pieces. And if all that sightseeing burns up an appetite, you couldn’t ask to be in a better city. Between the wine and pasta, you’ll never want to leave Florence again.

If you’re interested in Italy vacations, you must go with Italia Tours. They can not only show you anywhere in the country, but they can do it through a number of fun ways like bike tours and more and their service is topnotch.


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