Streetfashion & Pink Summer

Streetfashion & Pink Summer

Streetfashion & Pink Summer

Article written by Sid Solomon

Streetfashion is real, daily, and practical. And yet it’s so trendy and chic. It is mostly controlled by the fashion bloggers but, in general, is fashion you see in people around you. Having bloggers as fashion advisors, young people all over the world follow this fashion model. Streetfashion distinguishes them from the crowd and emphasizes their individuality.Bloggers are the proof that we don`t live in a monotonous world in which we all listen to the same music and wear the same clothes. In order to highlight their style and found the most interesting and special clothing items they are buying at online shops.There they can find all they need.

From designer clothing to vintage bags and accessorize. Combination of designer and old, used items makes street fashion specific.Thanks to their own sixth sense- the one for fashion, some bloggers job became to travel the globe, visiting the largest fashion events and blogging about them. Not bad job for a fashion lover, right?Why is streetfashion so popular? We can guess that it was born from the desire for a real picture of the real people.

Streetfashion is much more creative from what we have in magazines or on television. People are interested in how other, ordinary guys and girls, dress because they can easily identify themselves with them. Online fashion sites are publishing photos of young, random individuals, captured on the street and they are making them famous for their style. So, be careful next time you go out of a house and try to wear the best clothes in your wardrobe. Maybe, you`ll be the next streetfashion image.

Forget about your little black dress, this summer in the category for “women’s dress clothes” a small pink dress wins.Strong pink color, catches the eye, but it still remains girly enough to not compete with the powerful, provocative red dress.Many designers showcased how it should look like. From long to short, from feminine to babydoll or from casual to party dresses- it all goes. The only important thing is that is pink. The vision of the little pink dress is also presented by the established brand Cushnie et Ochs, and coming star designer Jenni Kayne and Kevork Kiledjia.

Closets full of trendy women’s clothes are enriched this season with this Barbie item. If you can`t afford the expansive sample from the latest fashion show, try to search your pink dress in various retail stores in your town. The other option is your mother closet and her vintage clothing from 70’s. Bright colors will mark this season. Fashion knows how to confront the crisis in the world. They are making it better by looking through the pink glasses. So, don`t worry, put on your new, little pink dress and create a glamorous Barbie world in which nothing can go wrong.

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