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    Different Fashion Styles For Women

    Written by: Fashion Of The Celebs As a woman, it seems to be quite difficult to have your own unique fashion style. Society tries to impose some clothing norms and people are likely to obey them blindly. Only the ones who have the courage to take matters in their own hands will be rewarded with […]

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    Finding the Best Airbrush Tanning Solution

    Airbrush tanning has grown in popularity over the years, and with it so has the number of products available on the market that can provide a variety of tans for clients ranging in both look and duration they can remain on your skin. Because of this growth in variety of selection it can sometimes be […]

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    Fashion Accessories Every Woman Needs

    Every woman has tried and true jewelry that she loves to wear daily but sometimes needs to mix things up. Here are 4 popular fashion accessories you need in your jewelry box right now. Rings Wear a single ring if you want to keep your outfit simple and uncomplicated. Or, try wearing multiple rings or […]

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    Kenneth Cole Profile

    Kenneth Cole’s Early Life Kenneth Cole is one of the most renowned footwear designers of our time. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He received his passion for shoes from his father who owned the El Greco shoe manufacturing company. Cole studied at the Emory College of Arts and Sciences of Emory University in […]

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    Milan, Florence and Rome – Fashion Capitals

    Article written by Euroquest Travel Group Italy is home to many things. One thing that they are surely famous for is their cuisine. From their little part of the earth, they gave the rest of us great pasta and pizza. They also satisfied the sweet tooth of millions of people everywhere with gelato. Italy has […]