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    Different Fashion Styles For Women

    Written by: Fashion Of The Celebs As a woman, it seems to be quite difficult to have your own unique fashion style. Society tries to impose some clothing norms and people are likely to obey them blindly. Only the ones who have the courage to take matters in their own hands will be rewarded with […]

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    Finding the Best Airbrush Tanning Solution

    Airbrush tanning has grown in popularity over the years, and with it so has the number of products available on the market that can provide a variety of tans for clients ranging in both look and duration they can remain on your skin. Because of this growth in variety of selection it can sometimes be […]

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    Toxins in Kids Clothing? Get the Facts

    It might shock you to learn that so-called kids organic pajamas sometimes include toxic and harmful dyes that completely defeat the purpose of living an organic lifestyle. The goal of that lifestyle is the removal of unnecessary toxins from your body, to gain more control over your life and your health, and to live a […]

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    Hair & Style Secrets

    Cultivating a timeless, chic style that is all your own doesn’t just happen overnight, but instead takes a dedicated individual that has a set agenda in mind. Finding your own perfect look can take you in any direction, but one place where it always takes off is through hair and makeup advice that can set […]

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    Unique Pieces to Flatter and Flaunt

    Nothing says unique like estate jewellery. An estate sale occurs when someone passes, or when someone is looking to downsize an existing estate for a variety of reasons (such as debt, or to move into a smaller space). These sales are fun events for attendees, but they yield beautiful treasures and keepsakes you can find […]

3 unique face masks for skin care

Anytime you see a luxury getaway video they almost always have a woman lying down smiling with a facial mask and cucumbers on her eyes.   Why do facial noursing masks emote such a feeling of peace and pampering? ON a more technical note, what kinds of masks and types are out there and what do […]

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  • Conspicuous Consumption and American Fashion

    By Phineas Upham Prior to the debut of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue, American fashion was decidedly Western. The wealthiest among us sported suits and fine dresses, but they paled in comparison to their European counterparts. That became evident at the turn of the 20th century, when more European fashions, and designers, began making […]

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  • Get Excited About Beautiful Jackets

    By Jacket Society For many people, summer is the absolute best season. They love the amazing weather, all the sun and the chance to be outside from sun up to sun down. However, to those of us who love fashion, it’s difficult not to look forward to the other seasons too. It means that we […]

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  • Women Business Wear Tips

    Written by Jacket Society Building a work wardrobe can constitute of a big investment. It is therefore important to go for pieces that exude quality and are durable and that are able to suit your style and body shape. Blazers Getting a new blazer is a great way to revitalize your professional look. Opting for […]

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  • Identifying Art Deco Engagement Rings

    Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Art Deco rings are among the most popular vintage pieces on the market today. Women love the bold and stylish look of Art Deco rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery and look for pieces at vintage jewellery stores and online shops. If you are interested in collecting and wearing […]

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  • Tips on Hunting for Quality Vintage Jewellery

    Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques Finding an authentic piece of vintage jewellery isn’t easy. It can be hard to find a shop local to you that specializes in vintage jewellery specifically, and mass-produced jewellery doesn’t have the same level of quality and craftsmanship. Art deco rings, for instance, aren’t that hard to duplicate in style. […]

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  • Bold Fashion Choices for Summer

    Written by Jacket Society Summer is one of the most preferred seasons when it comes to fashion. While winter and autumn are great for classic and elegant pieces, summer and spring provide for more creativity and the possibility to add colors to the wardrobe. Summer is also the perfect moment of the year to go […]

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