Nail Art Trends for Every Season and Reason

Nail Art Trends for Every Season and Reason

Nail Art Trends for Every Season and Reason

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Nail art trend is becoming popular day by day. It is a gorgeous way to spice up overall look. From celebrity to fashion loving woman, everyone like to spruce up nails with trendy nailart. Nail art involves special care and expertise for bringing out best effects. A beautiful nail art can really make a woman look fashionable and chic. There is nail art for every season & reason and ways for decorating nails are endless.

Check out some Hot Nail Art Trends:

Bridal Nail Art Trend

There are lots of options available in terms of nail art and designs for bride. Acrylic flowers, “Jewel” nails, band-Aid patterns, Colorful glitter combinations are amazing styles for brides. Choose one that adds a touch of style and complement wedding outfit. Be it a beach, country, fantasy, or garden, for every wedding theme, there are lots of breathtaking bridal nail art.

Fall Nail Art Trend

For Fall, nothing is more hotter than a embellished nail art. For creating beautiful embellished nail art, use glitters, small pieces of rhinestones and hand jewelry. For this season, nail art must be colorful, funky and glitzy so that it can pop up overall look. Along with glitter nailart, snowflakes, snowmen, thunderbolts, raindrops designs are also popular for Fall.

Spring Nail Art Trend

Nail art trend for spring is about playing with color combinations and create something cheerful, colorful that matches with mood of spring season. Make flower designs, cool polka dot print, leopard print or tie-dye in order to take nail art fashion trend to new level. All these designs are great for girls who are going to marry in spring season.

Holiday Nail Art Trend

Holidays are time of fun and what better way to express that joy than playing with holiday colors. There are lots of nail art themes for holidays and occasions. Women can decorate their nails with unbelievable designs and color combinations for many occasions including Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Halloween and many more. Get shades of white and red for Valentine’s Day, black and orange for Halloween or make Santa or elves for Christmas, an American flag for 4th of July, or tiny flowers and pumpkins for Thanksgiving Day.

Summer Nail Art Trend

For summer, nail art should be colorful, bold and funky. There are many options when it comes to nailart for summer. Go for eye popping textures on nails, multicolored nails, piercings or add some glitter for eye-catching look. Pastel nail art and flower nail art very popular, especially for Summer. Flower nail art can be create from a variety of flower designs. Colorful neon colors and glitters are also a popular choice for summer.

With a little practice and a lot of patience, everyone can try to create sizzling designs on their hands. Remember that today nails have almost become an accessory, so jazz up them with ultimate nail art. Have fun..

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