Makeup Artists with These Personality Traits Are More Likely to Succeed

Makeup Artists with These Personality Traits Are More Likely to Succeed

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It’s not easy to be a makeup artist. You work long days, are always on your feet, and most often you don’t get scheduled breaks or lunch hours. But in those moments when you can either throw away the makeup brush or press on to conquer the day, the likelihood you will do your best and even shine as a makeup artist might be determined on whether you have some key personality traits.

Based on years of experience in running a professional makeup academy, the people at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry suggest that certain personality traits can determine whether you become successful at your job. So what are they? Here are three personality traits that most successful makeup artists have in common:

A Good Attitude

Debbie Downer doesn’t do well as a makeup artist. The top makeup artists in the beauty and fashion industries are known for having a good attitude. This means they’re positive and pleasant to work with. While this is a great personality trait for nearly any profession, it’s especially helpful for professionals in the field of makeup artistry. Makeup artists often work in stressful and demanding settings and unfortunately most of them succumb to the tension. However, instead of acting out or on edge, a successful makeup artist will remain optimistic, respectful, and well behaved.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Leading makeup artists take care of themselves before taking care of others. This means putting their health first. It’s hard to make it as a makeup artist if you don’t take care of your body. As mentioned above, makeup artists have demanding schedules and spend hours on their feet. Without a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise, it’s challenging to maintain the energy levels required for those long hours and hectic schedules. A healthy diet not only gives energy, but also prevents sickness down the road.

Extremely Organized

It’s not a surprise that one of the most important personality traits of a successful makeup artist is that they are very organized. Makeup artists must do their job fast and well, and there’s no way to accomplish this without being organized. This means being organized with both your products as well as your time. Being organized will help you do well in nearly any profession; however extremely organized makeup artists stand out because they don’t waste their own time or the time of the rest of the team.

Though it’s not proven that the aforementioned personality traits will boost your career as a makeup artist, it’s certainly insightful to know what the top professionals have in common.

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