Bold Fashion Choices for Summer

Bold Fashion Choices for Summer

Written by Jacket Society

Summer is one of the most preferred seasons when it comes to fashion. While winter and autumn are great for classic and elegant pieces, summer and spring provide for more creativity and the possibility to add colors to the wardrobe. Summer is also the perfect moment of the year to go for bold choices. If you are considering going for unconventional fashion pieces this coming season, you might want to consider the list below.

Floral Prints

Prints might not be easy to wear for most people. The common misconception is that floral prints are hard to pair with other outfits. However, the floral print is very much trendy this season when it comes to womens spring jackets. These can be worn with a pair of denim jeans and a plain t-shirt. The floral print exudes all the joy and sunny appeal of the spring and summer. They effectively add a pop of color to plain or neutral colored outfits. The only aspect to be wary about when wearing prints is to keep the rest of the look quite neutral. You would not want to pair prints with stripes for instance.


Vests are great alternatives to blazer jackets for women while still remaining in the same these as the blazer. This is the summer version of the blazer during days when it might be too hot outside to wear a full blazer. The vest is ideal for the office setting, especially when chosen in neutral colors such as gray.

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